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LET US HELP YOU! As an agency, we realize that “buying a home” is, for many people, the biggest investment decision that they will ever make. With that said, we guide “ALL” of our purchase clients thru the process, from beginning to end, to ensure that the process is understood and not as stressful as it can be without any guidance at all. We also are up to date on all the 1st time home-buyer programs available, that "you" can take advantage of !

Our knowledge of contracts, and all disclosures, helps to ensure that our clients are protected and that our fiduciary duty to our clients is solid and without reproach. So please call us with any questions you may have in regard to the buying process and we can guide you thru the process to quickly obtain the pride of home ownership! 

Standard Sale/1031 Exchange

In today’s market, as values increase on a consistent basis, the seller is looking for the highest Fair Market Value for his home. This is understandable, as the home, is considered an investment, so why not cash out the most you can?! 

We at All Encompass Realty can assist you in your endeavor to sell your home, so that you as a seller can gain the most cash out of your home on the sale. We utilize comps within you market area and calculate a best Fair Market List Price for your home. Of course, no home is in the same condition, so all things are considered within this evaluation when helping calculate your list price. Please tell us what you have done to upgrade your home so that as a team (All Encompass Realty and you) can come to a reasonable, yet high net return on the sale of your home (investment).

If you are an individual or investor looking to sell the rental property(ies) that you have and defer Capital Gains tax, you've come to the right place. We are well versed in facilitating this kind of sale and can in addition refer you to a reputable exchange company if you don't have one in mind.

Please call All Encompass Realty for a free value analysis; with an appointment, we can come to meet with you at your residence or home in question. During the appointment (and with your permission)we may need to take some pictures to better gauge our current Fair Market Evaluation of your home. We can have an evaluation analysis back to you within 24-48 hours.

Short Sale

Short selling is a hard decision for everyone to make, as it is essentially losing your home. However, contrary to popular belief, it is much better that letting the investors (or owners of your note on the mortgage) take your home in a foreclosure. Here are the 3 major reasons why Short Selling is much better than Foreclosure (AKA Repossession):

Reason 1: In a Short sale, you are working with the Servicer (lender), to negotiate with the investor who actually owns your note, to sell the house in its upside-down state and take the loss. This is turn, will allow you to buy a home again sooner than if you were to allow them to foreclose. (2 to 3 years after Short Sale has closed)

Reason 2: The credit hit for a Short Sale vs. a Foreclosure is drastically different, we are talking at least 100-200 pts hit difference on your credit score! What this means is, that it will take that much longer to rebuild your credit and get to where you once were, or where you want to be!

Reason 3: There is a California initiative that can help individuals who are experiencing hardship and can prove it financially (in Effect as of January 1 2014), they are given money at the close of escrow in addition to the lender relocation assistance! Yes, more money in your pocket for doing the right thing!


As a Real estate company, we have the experience to service any and all Servicing or Asset Management Company when it comes to REO/Foreclosed properties. 

As a whole, All Encompass Realty has over 3 years experience as a listing agent for over 5 Servicing and Asset Management Companies relative to REO/BPO. Tasks from beginning to end are completed in record time for these Servicing Companies/AMC’s so that from BPO, to sale, all are done in a prompt manner. 

BPO’s are completed with concise and accurate comps and info to best portray the most current Fair Market Value for the particular asset being evaluated in its market area. This way, the sale of the asset is within 30-60 days, but the highest FMV for that asset was achieved due to accurate and concise information. 

Our marketing department is like no other, as we utilize all social media avenues including door to door sales/fliers within the subject’s market area, so that neighboring consumers are better aware that a property in their neighborhood is available for sale, in the event family or friends may be looking to buy in that particular neighborhood. 

What If I Have Questions?

Please feel free to call the number (909) 251-0609 with any questions you may have about an services we offer to help you achieve your Real Estate goals.